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The Tradition of the Christmas Tree Candle and Christmas Holly

Two of the oldest Christmas traditions are the lighting of the Christmas tree candle and the decorating of the home with Christmas holly.  Traditionally a circle of holly surrounded the Christmas tree candle but in modern days, it is also surrounded with evergreen branches.  It is easy enough to make your own Christmas tree candle centerpiece arrangement that combines both the elements of candle light and holly without having to spend a lot of money.

If you can find real Christmas holly at a florist or gardening supply store, that is best.  However in the absence of the real thing you can always buy the fake stuff at a craft supply store.  If you prefer a more natural looking Christmas tree candle simply cut your own evergreen boughs and twine them into a circle.  In most Christmas traditions the candle centerpiece is a red or green candle but a white or creamy vanilla colored candle works well too.

Assembling the Christmas tree candle is as simple as embracing the wax candle with a circle of Christmas holly or evergreens.  Once you have done this you have made a craft that symbolizes one of the oldest of Christmas traditions, lighting the candles on the Christmas tree, without the risk of burning the house down.




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