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Decorative ideas for indoor Christmas lights ...

Christmas lights add sparkle and cheer to any holiday festivity.  Not only does the Christmas indoor light look fantastic spiraled in strings around trees, they can also be used to decorate the ceiling, mantelpiece, door frames and they can be wrapped around the bases of objects such as vases and tables.  You also don't have to stick with the conventional green or red bulb when you buy Christmas lights.  Strings of white Christmas bulbs also look great and are evocative of glittering ice.  You can also wrap a string of lights around the base of a tree or bundle them and hang them as a ceiling fixture.  Christmas lights are simply one of the most versatile indoor decorating tools that can be used to add that special glow to your home.

The most traditional and inexpensive Christmas lights are the tiny red and green pointed bulbs that blink on and off.  However you can go one step beyond now as many manufacturers have remodeled the Christmas indoor light to include plastic casings that look like snowflakes, Santa Clauses ad poinsettia leaves.  You can also buy a Christmas light that is distributed throughout a garland or wrapped in flowers or ivy.

To make a really distinctive statement you might want to display antique Christmas lights on your tree.  You can actually find never-used sets of older outdoor and indoor Christmas lights on auction sites on the web.  Some manufacturers also sell retro versions of lights from the 40's and 50's, which feature bigger bulbs, or bulbs that are shaped in a swirled pattern.  Keep this in mind when you buy a Christmas light as there are now more opportunities than ever to go beyond the ordinary when decorating your tree.


Christmas Lights

The Place Anywhere Outdoor Solar Light Set. The Never Fail Christmas Lights Color Wheel.


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