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Cheap Christmas Tree Storage ...

The cheapest method christmas tree storage is to simply keep the box from the manufacturer that the tree came in originally. This type of box can last for many many years, especially if you reinforce the bottom and corners with heavy-duty black gaffer tape. This is one way to store your artificial tree without having to spend a dime on christmas tree storage bags or containers.
Of course not everyone keeps the box that their artificial tree comes in so it might be time to start thinking of finding another box that you might have on hand that is large enough to fit the tree. Depending on the size of the tree you might luck out and actually find a box that is large enough to hold the entire tree assembled!

The cheapest christmas tree storage bags are simple green garbage bags. Try to find bags that are the largest and heftiest possible so that they don't break the next time you haul them out of the garage. Unfortunately the sharp edges of the aluminum christmas tree limbs often poke through and rip the garbage bag plastic. However these will protect your artificial tree limbs from dust, bugs and moisture throughout the other seasons of the year.
The safest and most portable way to store artificial trees is in christmas tree storage bags. These are usually made of a durable material and look like a large sturdy duffel bag. Many of them also have different components so that you don't lose any of the smaller parts that are a must-have for assembling your artificial tree when holiday season rolls around again.



Christmas Storage

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