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Create your own Christmas floral arrangement ...

The most traditional Christmas floral arrangement simply consists of poinsettias (also known as the Christmas flower) and ivy. However you are not limited to just these traditional choices. Here are some suggestions for what other kinds of flowers and foliage can be used in creating a Christmas floral arrangement.
Gysophila, chrysanthemums and red roses are all flowers that can look very festive as a floral arrangement. Sometimes all it takes is red or green bows and the addition of miniature candy canes, glass balls and other Christmas décor to turn non-traditional Christmas plants into a seasonal arrangement. Even winter cabbages can be considered to be a Christmas flower if you decorate the container with wrapping paper or bows.
There are also many kinds of foliage that are traditionally associated with poinsettias that can be used to decorate chrysanthemums and roses. Conifer, mini cyclamen and eucalyptus can also be used to augment a floral display. If you use your imagination you will discover that poinsettias don't have to be the only Christmas flower in your home.




Christmas Flowers

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