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Real Christmas trees versus artificial trees ...

Real Christmas trees are beautiful but they have all kinds of disadvantages, especially when it comes to cleaning up after the holidays.  On the other hand they suit the person who is the traditionalist at heart.  The artificial indoor tree is a much more efficient and tidier option and they have their own tradition as being part of the post-modern era of interior design.   When it comes to Christmas trees, the artificial indoor tree is becoming a much more sought after item as they are especially convenient for individuals who have limited space or simply do not like pine needles shedding all over the carpet.  So which type of xmas tree is best for you?

Both types of Christmas trees have their advantages and disadvantages.  Real christmas trees post a fire hazard because Christmas lights can get too hot and light the branches on fire.  They also shed needles and require watering.  Although the artificial indoor tree does not have these problems, they lack the natural fragrance that is emitted by evergreen needles.  Also it is somehow less spirited to have your family visiting a variety of Christmas tree stores to pick out an artificial tree rather than have them planning an outing to chop down a real one.

Obviously the artificial indoor tree is the best option if you prefer a low-maintenance Christmas.  Also there are scores of Christmas tree stores both offline and online that specialize in selling the prettiest new versions of these Christmas trees.  However if you love the high maintenance associated with a real tree then by all means consider the many rituals associated with taking care of a freshly cut evergreen to be part of your family tradition.



Christmas Trees

The World's Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees
Guaranteed for Life!  Find a great selection of artificial Christmas trees in all sizes, shapes, and price ranges. You can even order a real one!


The World's Best Prelit Noble Fir (6 1/2 Foot Full). The Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Tree Village. The Light Show Tree.

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