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Use Christmas outdoor decorations and lights to create different effects

Christmas outdoor decorations come in a variety of seasonal motifs and themes.  They are also made in a variety of materials but the most popular is the plastic shell, molded to look like a Santa or a reindeer that is lit from behind by a single bright light.  You can get these nearly life size plastic shells in a form that resembles just about every mythical or cartoon character ever imagined.  Using a combination of Christmas outdoor decorations and strings of outdoor Christmas lights together is a sure way to draw a lot of appreciation and bemusement from your neighbors and visitors.

If your aim is to draw less amusement and more serious thought about the holiday then consider installing a nativity scene in your front yard.  You can buy plastic shell versions of these nativity scenes or ceramic or plaster versions.  One way to illuminate the ceramic or plaster version is to place a floodlight on the nativity scene or wrap them with outdoor Christmas lights.

For a dignified and classic touch, garlands or holly or evergreen branches intertwined with outdoor Christmas lights add a subtle glow to a front door or the eaves of a house.  Branches of holly, sleigh bells and bouquets of poinsettias are traditional Christmas outdoor decorations that send the message "Let there be peace on earth".




Outdoor Decor

The 32-Inch Illuminated Santa Crescent Moon. 6 1/2-Foot Santa's Day And Night Illuminated Train The Albemarle Lighted Santa Claus.

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