We no longer have a showroom to choose a tree. It is online ordering for delivery only.

About Delivery

Your tree will be delivered anytime between 10am and 9pm on your chosen delivery day.

We let you to know when (approximately, depending on traffic) we will be there with regular text updates on your delivery day.

Your tree will be delivered netted. A fresh stump cut is made at your home, ready for your tree stand.

If you are not in it will be stored in a safe place.

We only deliver for tree orders to within 30 minutes travel time from TS18 (quite a large area!). Enter your postcode below to check your travel time. Please do not order if you are more than 30 minutes away.

Delivery is free for all tree orders.

Collection is not available for 2021.

Travel Modes in Directions
Travel Time:

If you are not in we will leave your tree in a safe place you specify at the checkout or at one we can find.

Your Order

These can sometimes take a couple of hours to come through, and can sometimes find their way to your spam/junk folder, so check there. If not, just drop us a quick message and we’ll be happy to help ?

This is rare, but as it’s Christmas time, delivery problems can’t be ruled out. Call us on 01642 980075 directly and provide your postcode.

Your Tree

The freshest possible – we deliver your tree within days of being cut from the farm.

The Nordmann Fir, have the best needle retention. Of course, no tree will retain all of it’s needles, but if your Christmas tree is cared for correctly it will look full well into the new year.

It really depends on where you are putting it ? We measure our trees to the top of the “leader” (the long bit at the top above the topmost branch). You also need to keep in mind that if you’re using a stand, this will add a little more height to the tree. A typical ceiling is around 8’.

Check out our tree size guide below which might help…

I am sorry but we are not able to collect trees. It is delivery only.